No parent should have to walk the journey of their child becoming seriously ill alone. The AJ Glover Foundation provides support and love to caregivers during these life-changing moments.

As soon as AJ was diagnosed with the brain tumor, he was admitted to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  From the first day to the last, over a three week period, we learned how to navigate a new environment of shutting out the world and focusing on our son.  We were lucky to have jobs that paid us while we took time off.  We were lucky that we had family, friends and an amazing community that stepped up to fill in the gaps when we couldn’t.  Not every family has that opportunity.

We want to give back to the PICU families that are finding themselves in the same situation we were in.  It’s not an easy journey no matter the circumstances.  Instead of recreating the wheel and developing something new to reach this initiative, we’re excited to partner with Patches of Light.  We are stronger together!

Read more about Patches of Light here.  In 22 years, they have helped countless families locally to nation-wide with assistance from food/gas cards to paying electricity bills for families in need.  They have the resources already in place to do a fantastic work in this area and we’re excited to be able to support them financially, but also locally in our own community through volunteer opportunities.