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As much as it pains us to write these fantastic parts of who AJ is, we now have to say that they are who AJ was.

You see, at the age of 15, Alvin Joseph “AJ” Glover, our amazing kid, went to be with His Heavenly Father on April 3, 2021.

On March 11, after several weeks of head/neck pain and some vomiting in late February/early March 2021, we took AJ to the emergency room at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The ER doctor ordered an MRI, which showed that AJ had a tumor on his brain called a Craniopharyngioma. While typically not cancer, it is a rare tumor that occurs in around 2 people per million each year. Immediately, they admitted AJ, and scheduled surgery to remove the tumor for March 16.

Just like that, our 15 years old son was gone to us on earth and woke up in Heaven.

Our community rallied around us to support us as we attempted to operate through our emotions, questions, and disbelief. We received countless acts of kindness, Love, and support from our family, friends, neighbors, schools, baseball/football/swim community, Scouting community, and Church community. All this Love and support was a direct reflection of the kind of person AJ was.

Losing AJ has been a tragedy to the community, and although his loss has left an unimaginable void, we pledge to keep his legacy and work alive.

Through AJ’s example, the AJ Glover Foundation team and volunteers are motivated stewards of Love and Kindness that serve youth and others as AJ did.

Thank you so much for your support. AJ has touched so many of you with words of kindness and encouragement, and we hope you are encouraged to join us in expanding the great work he started!

We the Buffalos…

Relentlessly pursue our life purpose.

“Be A Buffalo”
On the plains, when a storm approaches all of the animals with the exception of the Buffalo run away from the storm. However, the Buffalo turns toward the storm and runs into it. Doing this gets the buffalo out of the storm more quickly than running away. Life also brings us challenges or storms.

We have two choices:

1. We can run away from the storm

2. We can be a Buffalo, face the challenge, and run into it.  

Those who are Buffalo come out of the storm stronger, wiser and with growth.

Coach Lynn, long-time coach to AJ Glover, wrote this “AJ is a Buffalo.” AJ never backed away from difficult circumstances; regardless of the storm, he faced the challenge head-on.  Now through his example, we all walk behind AJ, the “Great Buffalo” to #BeABuffalo on this side of Heaven.

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